Joint Grout Kolatec


Mortar based on selected aggregates, white cement, resins, pigments and colored additives for joints between ceramic tiles up to 15 mm with a wide range of colors, waterproof, without shrinkage and easy to clean


o High hardness.

o Intense color.

o Easy cleaning.

o Very fine texture.

o Low water absorption.

o Resistant to cracking and abrasion.

o Application in interiors and exteriors.

o Suitable for radiant heating.


o Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.

o Do not apply with risk of frost, rain, strong winds or direct sunlight.

o Do not use in expansion joints or subject to structural movements of the work.

o In the case of very absorbent tiles or elevated temperatures, before filling the joints, moisten them with clean water, passing over these a wet sponge avoiding the pooling of water inside.

o In rehabilitations completely empty the joint before application.

o Do not clean with an excess of water, or with the material still fresh, to avoid carbonation and surface decontamination due to dispersion of pigments.


— Presentation

  • Plastic bags 5kg
  • 8kg paper sacks.

o Colors: More than 30 colors in our expandable range on demand.

o Conservation:

  • 24 months from date of manufacture paper sacks.
  • 12 months from the date of manufacture of plastic bags.

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