Fine Stucco Cal


Mortar based on selected aggregates, aerial lime, resins, pigments and other additives. Mortar for Lime Stucco, white or colored, of high decorative level in Façade finishes with matt or gloss finishes (marble finish) and with a soft and silky texture, easy to execute.


— Great adhesion

— Exterior and Interior Application

— Environmental product

— Avoid painting


Mortar for application in the form of paste on fine base mortar base, in Interior and Exterior, and once applied allows a smooth matte finish, with a fine and silky touch, or shiny (marble).


Mix Estucalia-Cal with water (30/35, -% approx.) And beat mechanically (500 rpm) until you get a homogeneous paste, unctuous to the touch, creamy and totally free of lumps. Apply the Stucco with a steel trowel in two

passes, on the support of smooth base mortar, the second when the first is drying, using if you want painter’s tape to mark breaks or work meetings. Once the second layer is almost dry and well

alisa we will have the matte finish. To achieve the marble finish continue smoothing and polishing with the steel trowel, obtaining a smooth, silky, and shiny surface. The effect of veiling is normal in lime stuccos

Precautions and recommendations

— Do not apply directly on the enclosure (brick, concrete block, etc.) since the function of this material is strictly decorative and must always be applied on our base mortar.

— Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.

— Do not apply with risk of frost, rain, strong winds or direct sunlight.

—  It is not recommended to apply it on horizontal or inclined surfaces.


— Presentation

Plastic bags 5kg

Paper sacks 5 to 8kg.

— Colors: More than 30 colors in our expandable range on demand.

— Conservation:

24 months from date of manufacture paper sacks.

12 months from the date of manufacture of plastic bags.

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