Euro Money F’ coarse finish


Hydrophobic mortar based on selected aggregates, white or gray cement and additives


— Realization of white finishes or soft colors
— Application in interiors and exteriors.
— Waterproof coating.
— Permeable to water vapor, allowing the support to transpire.
— Excellent adhesion and great plasticity.
— Plastering over plaster or direct application.
— Protect the upper edges of the coating against the penetration of rainwater.
— Thicknesses up to 1 cm without hanging.
oCoarse finish
— In case of heat, wind or on very absorbent supports, it is recommended to moisten the support and wait for the disappearance of the water film.
— On low porous substrates, apply a primer (EUROFIX) or improve the roughness by mechanical means.
— The supports must be resistant, stable, healthy and clean, free of dust, residues of release agents, organic products, etc.
— The minimum thickness at the end of the application of the render must be at least 10 mm to ensure the impermeability to the rainwater of the wall when the support does not have resistance to water filtration.


— Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
— Do not apply with risk of frost, rain, strong winds or direct sunlight.
— For thicknesses greater than 2 cm it is recommended to apply the product in two layers.
— The minimum final thickness of use of plaster should be 10 mm.


— Presentation: 25 kg sacks. 1400 kg pallets (56 bags)
— Colors: white and soft colors according to customer demand
— Practical performance of the material applied on a substantially flat support in a thickness of 10mm: of 14 Kg / m2.
— Conservation: 12 months from the date of manufacture, in the original container closed and protected from humidity

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